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Sleek Honour Blush Review - 2012 Collection

I love Sleek's powder blushes.  They are of amazing quality and applauded by many top makeup artists for their formula, color selection, smooth application and longevity.  Easily the best blush formula available in high street makeup brands.

In order to mark the 2012 Olympic Games Sleek has just released a brand new collection consisting of an eyeshadow pallette, a pout polish and this blush - Honour.


Sleek honour blush swatch 2012 collection blog

Honour is described as a bronzey shade with hints of rose gold hues.  The bronze element in the blush is very strong, giving it a very warm browny look. 

The blush is extremely well pigmented and applies butterly smooth.  Despite being a soft smooth blush it is not so much that the powder just flakes and falls around *pet hate*.

Sleek honour blush swatch 2012 collection blog
 without flash 

 with flash

It is a shimmer blush, so has a golden sheen in it which is visible when applied to the face.  The level of shimmer is enough to be able to skip the need for a separate highlighter as Honour picks up the light really well, making you glow :) 

The shimmer is also smooth and part of the blush pigments. Not chunky glitter particles. 

On my skin tone, this blush is lovely.. it gives a nice sunkissed glow and a warmth to my cheeks.  However, for lighter skin tones I think this may be unsuitable, even with a light hand the blush deposits a lot of color and despite blending can still look a little muddy on light-medium skin tones. 

Tan and darker beauties, need not worry about this as it will sit beautifully and compliment your complexion! :) 

 applied lightly on bare cheeks

Sleek honour blush swatch 2012 collection blog
Sleek honour blush swatch 2012 collection blog
applied a little heavier on bare cheeks

Overall, I think this latest offering from Sleek MakeUp is a pretty blush but may be limited to certain skintones to look its best.  It is also very similar to the new MAC Mineralize Blush in Stratus from MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection, which the the latest one just now.  So if you like Stratus but can't justify the high price tag or would like a dupe, this makes a pretty good one.

Honour blush costs £4.29 and is available from larger Superdrug stores and the Sleek MakeUp website.  It's limited hurry if you don't want to miss out...

~ Shez ~ 


  1. That is sooo pretty!!! Thanks for reviewing it!

    1. :) glad u found it useful.. more to come, so plz pop by again - requests welcome too :) xx


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