Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Beauty Tip of the Day #6

beauty tips blog brushes Instead of spending money on specified  eyeliner brushes, buy a fine/precision brush from your local Art shop instead. They are a 10th of the price and do the job in exactly the same way and made from real hairs/synthetic also, depending on your preference.

I have MAC, Sigma, Coastal Scents and Benefit eyeliner brushes yet I always reach for one of my fine art brushes as I love how thin they are! They are literally the same brushes but  labeling  one for the use of make-up means we are charged a fortune for them. My eyeliner brush from MAC cost £16 and my brush from the art store was under £2.50!!

~ Shez ~


  1. I've always read that art brushes are good. That's the next brush on my list. I always just take a bunch of the liner brushes at MAC stands ..

    1. hi Nudibelle... welcome and thanks a ton for coming over to my blog :)

      hopefully this little family will grow soon ;)

      yeah, i bought many brushes from MAC and Sigma too before randomly picking up an art shop and buying a brush. I was pessimistic for a while..just sounds too good to be true, lol - but it really is!


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