Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Gradient Lips

Gradient lips pink
I found this fun to do! Looks interesting too and a nice change from a plain one coloured lip. Even though its more of an  editorial  type of look I'm sure some of you would try this out.

Took pics in various lights to get the best result of different colours. 

First pic is of my lips before starting off, rest of steps are shown at every stage :)

pink gradient lips mac blog

mac pink gradient lips

Step 1

Line lips with a dark plum or deep purple lipliner and shade in the inner corners with it also.

Step 2 

Add a light blue toned bubblegum pink lipstick to the centre of the lips only.  Do not go as far as the dark outline from before. 

Step 3 

mac gradient lips blog

Add a dark brown lipliner to the outer corners of the mouth to darken further. The remainder space between the dark and the light is where the next colour is applied. Apply hot pink lipstick in the remaining free space left. Apply carefully with a lip brush, and blend harsh edges together. Blend outwards using lip brush from the lightest color in the centre. Take extra care not to over blend the colours so that they all become one. 

Step 4

pink gradient lips mac blog

Complete the lips by dabbing on some light gold powder pigment on the centre of the lips.  A shimmery champagne gold eyeshadow will do the trick too! 

Voila!  Finished Look :)

pink gradient lips

pink gradient lips mac blog

Products Used
  • NYX Prune Lipliner (Step 1)
  • MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick (Step 2)
  • MAC Chestnut Lipliner (Step 3)
  • MAC Gulabi Lipstick (Step 3)
  • MAC Melon Pigment (Step 4)

~ Shez ~ 


  1. I totally LOVE this blog! Lips look stunning x

    1. Thank yooou! :) Glad u liked it, makes all the hours of worth worthwhile.. lol

      shez xx


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