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Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks...

Bobbi brown shimmer brick swatch
bobbi brown shimmer brick

I love my highlighters - being somebody who likes to shape and contour my face for extra definition a lovely glowing highlighter is vital. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks are probably the most well known item from this cosmetic brand. They have a division of opinion, with some loving them and others finding them waaayy too metallic looking. Personally I love them! I have 8 in total and would definitely buy more to come in the future...

Here I will swatch three I have from the permanent line and review them just for you :)

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick - Beige

bobbi brown beige shimmer brick

This is a gorgeous muted pink with hints of beighy/brown in it. It consists of 5 strips of individual colors, all containing the base beige tone as per the name.  This is one of my favourite shimmer bricks as every single shade in it is very wearable

bobbi brown beige swatches shimmer brick
Swatched individual strips top to bottom and all colours swatched together on left hand side
(Click for enlarged pic)

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick - Pink

bobbi brown pink shimmer brick swatches

The Pink shimmer brick consists of frosty light pinks of very similar tones leaving a pretty metallic type of ivory based sheen when applied on cheekbones/brow bone.  Thos with darker skin like myself need to apply this cautiously with a very light hand so that it does not look so starkly white.
Swatched individual strips top to bottom and all colours swatched together at the bottom
(Click for enlarged pic)

Bobbi Browm Shimmer Brick - Bronze

A beautiful blend of bronze and copper tones, with hints of gold and a sunkissed face when applied to the face. This looks lovely on tan and ebony skin tones.

bobbi brown bronze shimmer brick swatches
Swatched individual strips top to bottom and all colours swatched together at the bottom
(Click for enlarged pic)

The shimmer bricks so contain glitter, but it is very fine and has no annoyances such as fall out or unecessary spreading of glitter specks where u dont want or need it.  These blend out to a beautiful wash of glow giving that "candlelight" effect.  They are pretty extreme highlighters, but less is more! If you struggle with a light hand use a fan brush to apply and build slowly if you need to. 

These retail for £32.00 each in the House of Frasers and John Lewis for 04oz/10.3g of product.  This is pretty expensive consering there are other products out there that do the same thing.  Many high street affordable brands such as Me Me Me have and Sleek have been inspired by this idea of strips of color as a highlighter. They come in 5 permanent shades and limited editions are released often too with the latest collections...

However, I still think these are the best - nothing like the original.  Despite the high price tag I think it is worth it as it also doubles up as an eyeshadow.  So, thinking of it that way you have 5 eyeshadows and a highlighter all in one.. no so bad after all eh? ;)

The only bad thing I have to say about the shimmer bricks is that they are extremely difficult - over the years I have managed to smash 3 of them but Bobbi Brown and their amazing customer service did replace them all for me free of charge! Yaaaiii....

To finish off I would recommend these, think they are a fantastic product and definately worth of the distinction theyv gained over years for being one of Bobbi Brown's staple items...

~ Shez ~

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