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MAC Nude Lipsticks

mac nude lipstick swatches We all love nude lippies and they can be so confusing, all looking the same half the time when out there to shop for one. I have taken a selection of my favorite beige/pink nude lippies and swatched them along with a few comments  to help your hunt for that perfect nude lip! I have swatched each lipstick on my bare lips, with no lip liner or anything else, so you can see the true colour of the lipstick.

 mac nude lipsticks 
L-R: MAC Can't Enough, MAC Yash, MAC Kinda Sexy, MAC Blankety, MAC Bare Again, MAC Modesty, MAC Faux 

MAC Can't Get Enough 
mac nude lipstick cant get enough sheen supreme 

 This MAC lipstick is from the Sheen Supreme Collection.  The lipsticks in this formulation are moisturising and glossy without the yucky sticky feeling.  The colour pay off it kinda sheer but still good considering the type of formula it is. Can't get enough is a beigy toned nude with hints
of peach in it.


 MAC Bare Again
  mac nude lipstick bare again sheen supreme 
Another one from MAC's Sheen Supreme range.  This is also a beigy nude but is more on the pinkier side.  It is pretty opaque and has better color pay off from a few of the others in this variation. 


MAC Yash
mac nude lipstick yash matte 

 This is a true neutral shade.  It is a matte lipstick but not drying at all like some other matte lipstick MAC has to offer.  This lipstick can make some skintones washed out, giving "corpse" lips.  Lol.  This is easily sorted with a complimenting lipliner  - this is how I apply this lipstick and I love my Yash and lipliner combo! :) Its is a fully opaque lipstick, fully covering the natural pigmentation of your lips.

MAC Kinda Sexy 
mac kinda sexy lipstick swatch nude blog 

 This is a matte lipstick but is one of the dryer ones MAC has to offer.  I still like it though and just whip on some lip balm or gloss which adds a lovely vibrancy to the lippie.  The colour may not appeal to everybody but again it can be blended in with a lipliner.  I use a dark chestnut brown liner with this ever so lightly around the edges and blend.  I enjoy the mixing and matching so not a problem for me and deserves a mention here I reckon. 

mac nude lipstick kinda sexy matte swatch

MAC Blankety 
mac nude lipstick blankety swatch matte blog 
 This is one of my must haves. Its an Amplifies finish which is my fav so is extremely creamy and a joy to apply on the lips.  Its also fully opaque which is great for my South Asian pigmented lips! It also adds an amazing dimension to hot pink lip glosses if put on top of Blankety.  Once again, the colour may seem to "light" to some darker skinned beauties.  However, I think its truely wearable and all it needs is a little tweaking :) 

MAC Modesty 
mac modesty lipstick swatch nude blog 
 A Cremesheen lipstick from MAC, one of the top formulas MAC offers in my opinion, along with the Amplified lipsticks.  This is one of those "my lips but better" type of colour. It is a muted neutral pink, so much easier to use and work with for those a little apprehensive about the more beigy nudes. This is one I've noticed everybody can work with and doesnt require too much effort as the pink tones in it means it suits a lot of skin tones. 

 MAC Faux
mac faux lipstick nude swatch blog 
 A satin finish from MAC which is another one that won't make you look so sickly/dead due to the pink undertones in it.  This is one of my most fav nude lipsticks, paired with MAC's Whirl lipliner to give my lips precise shape and definition along the outline.  Pairing this with black or dramatic smokey eyes is a match made in heaven!


MAC lipsticks normally wear for about 4-5 hours, the Sheen Supreme ones about 2-3 hours I find. They are priced at £14 for the regular range and £14.50 for the Sheen Supreme ones. MAC lipsticks are known for their sleek yet simple packaging.  

The lid clicks firmly meaning no nasty accidents in the handbag! All have a vanilla based scent, which is not over-powering at all.

~ Shez ~


  1. wicked colours....liking the mac yash one..will have a look in frasers x


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