Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Secret Skin Saver!

Having a variety of skin issues myself I am always on the look out to protect it the best way possible. Sadly, having oily-acne prone skin makes it a total mission!

Sun protection is something we all must wear every single day regardless of skin colour yet the majority of us never do especially when there's no sun shining which here in UK and especially in bonnie Scotland we rarely ever get any!

Came across some dermatological research recently of this image - a man bearing sun damage on just one side of his face over the years. I ran straight out on the hunt for my sunblock which I'm promising myself I will religiously apply daily!

If this does not convince you, don't know what

So I went running along frantically to all the beauty counters to shop and picked up the SOLAIT Mattifying Face Fluid (Light Texture) in SPF 50.

I can be a bit of a make-up snob at times where I am adamant higher end products have got to be better due to the hefty price tags. I'v tackled many high-end SPF's over the months and years (Clarins, Origins, MAC, Aveda etc) but still on the hunt for that truly 'amazing' sun protector.

The main problem I'v always had is with the heavy greasy feeling a sunblock gives you, affecting makeup application and within a couple of hours leaving you like a hot, greasy, melting mess of a face!!

MAC Prep + Prime Protect SPF 50 was the best I found so far but still found it heavy,not to mention the extreme white cast it can leave on my fairly dark skin, leaving foundation ashy looking at times *not pretty*

The words 'light' and 'mattifying' attracted me to this one hiding in the back of my local Superdrug, unloved and aptly for me at a 50% price of just £2.39!!!! I was pessimistic at first because of the price - too good to be true right? WRONG! this stuff is AMAZING... <3

It glides on like a dream and is truly soo light. It sinks right in within a couple of minutes and ur face is a lovely canvas for the rest of your makeup! Leaves no white-cast at all.. Just a sheen easily matted down with a little translucent powder.....

I was further chuffed when I analysed the ingredients - no parabens! Glycerin.. keeps skin nice and supple..


  • Price

  • No white cast - woohoo!

  • Absorbs into skin well

  • Very good oil balancing properties

  • Texture also helps smooth dry skin due to emollients.

  • Ingredients - no parabens


  • None! (Seriously!)

Superdrug currently have this on at half price at a steal price of £2.39.. best time to try and I think I can confidently say that between all sunscreens I have tried and tested from a range on £2 - 35, this is definitely top of the list - I have since purchased 3 back ups too...

** Remember suncreen is the best way possible to avoid wrinkles and premature ageing (refer to pic above, lol). Even when the sunshine isn't so bright, the silent UV rays (aka ageing rays) are still penetrating and damaging the skin. So, lather on face, neck and hands too **

~ Shez ~

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