Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Portable Blog Station.....

ipad cover keyboard leather review blog I love my gadgets just as much as my makeup..well almost, lol.. I have always been a bit of a computer whizz and into my devices, so when my lovely family gifted me an IPAD for my birthday I was over the moon :)  easily the best prezzie ever!!

Since creating my blog I am always on it for posting new content and was looking for a great cover to help me safely and conveniently carry it when away from home.

My new find arrived just this morning and I am more than happy with it!

ipad cover leather keyboard

The cover has an in-built keyboard on the inside. The keyboard is of great quality, with soft rubber keys and totally safe for when the cover is closed as there is no risk of scratches on the screen. It is much better than the other keyboards which are separate and attached on to IPAD which is too much hassle and eventually i would not bother as much. It connects very easily using bluetooth technology and charges via laptop USB  The keyboard also switches off if idle for a while to save battery.

Despite having a keyboard on the insside it is still a good size when the cover is closed over and not much bigger than other fully encased covers on the market.

This retails at £29.99 an worth every penny.  It's transformed my IPAD into a super-fast notebook (they always drag in speed) which can be folded and closed over nicely.  The design of it means that it also serves as a handy stand for watching videos etc which actually will stand properly (last cover I had was flimsy!)

The exterior is a sturdy, firm, good quality black leather.

All in all a great buy and watch out for insane blogging rates now ;)

~ Shez ~

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